Release Notes – p.05.26.2020.9.30

We’ve just made an update to Arabellsoft Workflow.

Before this release, the dates for fire extinguisher and emergency lighting were free entries for the following fields:

  • Six Year Due Date
  • Manufacture Date
  • Hydro Test Due Date
  • Batteries Replaced Last

The reason for this update is to change date fields to be actual date fields. This makes it easier to query dates for later analysis or implement dashboard data for your business.

Say, for example, in the future, we might be able to show your service manager all the fire extinguishers where the Six Year Due Date are due this month or where the Batteries Replaced Last are due to be replaced soon. This way, your staff can reach out to those customers to schedule appointments for these assets.

This might be one way to improve your cashflow because you are on top of services required by your customers.

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